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Vegetable Slicer Strainer Bowl

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Cooking is so much fun. Well, most of the times. It’s the prep work that gives us all the trouble in the world. Slicing and dicing veggies is a pain in the potato.

It just takes so long to clean veggies and cut them up. Sure, veggie slicers are great, in theory. But the last one we tried slid at just the wrong moment and nearly took off our finger.

And if we want to shred or flower instead of slice, we’ve got to search our cabinets for the right blade. It’s easier to just leave the veggies out altogether.

This 8-in-1 veggie slicer has a built-in strainer, anti-skid protection, and 8 blades so you get the exact cut you want every time. 

It takes you from amateur to professional within minutes.

  • Built-in strainer. Slice your veggies directly into the built-in strainer, rinse them off, and drain the water out all in one basket.
  • Removable slicer. Want to separate the strainer from the cutter? No problem, it’s removable. The cutter just pops right off.
  • Anti-skid. You don’t need your slicer moving around when you’re cutting veggies or you could lose a finger. This won’t skid on you. Ever.
  • Rotatable. Need a different angle on that veggie your cutting? Just slide the cutter around the edge of your basket. It’s easy to rotate.
  • 8-in-1. Shred, slice, flower, and grind your fruits or veggies any way you want. It even comes with a paring knife.
  • Uniform cuts. The more uniform your cuts, the more evenly your veggies cook. And it just looks nicer on the plate.

Prep your food faster, easier, and with less mess.

Forget kitchen knives, they take forever. This slicer is super sharp and easy to use so you get your prep work done three times as fast.

And since you’re cutting, rinsing, and draining in the same bowl, you’ve only got one bowl to clean up. Nice, right?

If you love to cook, you need this veggie slicer. If you hate to cook, you need it even more.

Get it today and take the hassle out of slicing veggies.

It’s not that you can’t do it the hard way, but why would you want to?

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