We all love our pawsome doggos very much and we would love to travel them world with them in our car. Especially if your doggo enjoys looking out the windows and everything passing by. But at the same time we are also worried about our cars and specifically the car seats since we have shed some good enough money to buy that dream car. 

We all know there are hundreds of car seats available in the market but do they really help? They do; if you find the right kind of dog seat! Let us tell you how useful they can be.

  • Look for a waterproof dog car seat -  it helps with water spills and if you have a little pup which is yet to be pee/potty trained. 
  • Make sure it comes with a safety harness as it is most important to keep your dog safe while travelling. 
  • A padded multi-layered base will provide ultimate comfort for long rides to your dog.
  • A see through mesh which lets you keep an eye on your dog and vice versa. It helps reduce your dog's anxiety knowing that you are there. 
  • Washable - Any dog car seat made with material which is not washable is a dead investment. Make sure you find one which can be machine or hand washed. 
  • Check dimensions that suit all sized cars. 

Right, we now know what kind of dog car seats are useful but how do you find one and where? Worry not! We at bigaussiemart.com did a little bit of research and found the best one for you. You can find your Best Dog Car Seat here. 


Let us know if you found this article helpful and if it helped you find the best dog car seat suitable for your car.

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