There are a number of ways to connect the mini projector to your phone. You can do it using USB, SD Card, AV cable, but the best way to connect a projector to your phone is using an HDMI for best results. It is mainly due to great picture & sound quality and a single cable will help you set up both audio and video without much effort or tangled cables. 

The kinds of connections your phone supports will also influence your options for connecting your phone to a mini projector. Some newer devices, support an adapter that lets you send data straight from the USB port on your phone to the HDMI port on a TV or the mini projector.

Some phones support MHL, which stands for Mobile High-Definition Link. If this is the case for you, you can buy an MHL to HDMI adapter that plugs into your USB port. Just make sure you pay attention to the version of MHL your device requires and that the adapter you buy supports that version. This article is about how you can connect your phone to a Mini LED Phone Projector using an HDMI.

So, how do you actually connect the phone to the mini phone projector?

Here is how an HDMI Cable For Mini Projector looks like!


As shown in the image above you will need and HDMI Cable which also has USB Type, Type-C, Micro usb and Lightning cables attached to it. 

  • First connect the HDMI end of the cable to the projector HDMI Slot.
  • Connect the USB end of the cable to the USB Slot of the projector or an outside power source. 
  • Now connect the phone to the cable that suits your charging type. (Type-C, micro usb or lightning cable)
  • You also connect the projector to your laptop.

You are now ready to play movies, web series, cast games from your phone to any flat surface. It is recommended you use the projector with and Anti Blur Projector Screen for best viewing experience. 

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