This Dog Car Seat Cover is so functional that it is loved by thousands of dog owners and it screams "Buy Me" every time a dog parent comes across this, especially the ones who love to travel with their pets in their cars. Let us tell you why it is loved by all pet parents.

  • Major Problem Solved: It suits all sized cars whether you have a compact sized hatchback, sedan or big daddy trucks or SUVs. 
  • Waterproof: Water spills are manageable but have you ever been forced to smell dog pee all though out the journey. Problem solved - it is waterproof and can be cleaned easily. 
  • Safety? Roger that! This dog car seat cover comes with safety harness  for your dog which helps keep your pet safe during the journey. 
  • The dimensions are so perfect that your doggo gets to look around everything that is passing by though the window and enjoy the view.
  • Does your dog get anxious when you are not around? We understand their pain too. And so do the manufacturers of this dog car seat. It comes with a see through mesh which allows both you and your doggo keep an eye on each other. 

There are many dog car seats in the market but we would prefer to buy this,  especially because it is designed after extensive research and thorough testing from dog owners themselves. Want one already?

Get your waterproof dog car seat cover here. Also let us know if found this article helpful in the comments below. 

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